Parcourez notre dernière gamme de vêtements pour hommes, y compris notre emblématique Original Monty Duffle Coat et l'intemporel caban Churchill.

  • Gloverall Churchill Peacoat

    Caban Churchill


  • Morris Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MC3512CT-CLD / BLACK STEWART / XS

    Duffle Coat Morris


  • Duffle-coat Monty Original

    Duffle-coat Monty Original


  • Chesterfield raffinĂ© pour hommes

    Chesterfield raffiné pour hommes


  • Gloverall Mid Monty Duffle Coat

    Duffle-coat Mid Monty


  • Duffle-coat Gloverall X Très Bien

    Duffle-coat Gloverall X Très Bien


  • Duffle-coat mi-long

    Duffle-coat mi-long


  • Union Jack Mid Monty Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MS500552-AMD / CAMEL / XS

    Union Jack Mid Monty Duffle-coat


  • Classic Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MC5120FC / NAVY CHECK / XS

    Duffle-coat classique


  • Caban Shackleton

    Caban Shackleton


  • Sac de voyage Descente x Gloverall en duvet

    Sac de voyage Descente x Gloverall en duvet


  • Blouson de vol Alpha Industries X Gloverall

    Blouson de vol Alpha Industries X Gloverall


  • Classic Mid Length Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MC3251FC / NAVY CHECK / XS

    Duffle-coat mi-long classique


  • Gloverall Mid Length Duffle Coat MC3251EM-CMD / BURGUNDY / XS

    Duffle-coat mi-long


  • Classic Donkey Jacket - Donkey Jacket MS5077BM / BURGUNDY / XS

    Veste classique Donkey


  • Gloverall Moss Donkey Jacket

    Veste Moss Donkey


  • Bailey Wax Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MS5155 / KHAKI / XS

    Duffle-coat en wax Bailey


  • Gloverall Mansell Car Coat

    Manteau de voiture Mansell


    Poseidon Blue Severn Parka - Duffle Coat

    Parka bleue Poseidon Severn


  • Overdyed Oxford Shirt - Shirt S1000 / PUMPKIN / XS

    Chemise Oxford surteinte


  • Overdyed Baby Cord Shirt - Shirt S1001 / NAVY / XS

    Chemise en velours côtelé pour bébé


  • Gloverall Men's Ribbed Fisherman Jumper

    Pull de pêcheur côtelé pour homme


  • Gloverall Mens Aran Jumper

    Pull Aran Homme


  • Gloverall Submariner Jumper

    Pull Submariner


  • Crew Neck Lambswool Jumper - KNITWEAR

    Pull col rond en laine d'agneau


  • Mens Indigo Knit Jumper - KNITWEAR

    Pull en maille indigo pour homme


  • Gloverall Harold Jeans

    Harold Jeans


  • Walter Boot - Shoe A1020 / NAVY / 8

    Walter Boot


  • Écharpe en laine d'agneau

    Écharpe en laine d'agneau


  • Gloverall Fisherman Scarf MS5113 / BURGUNDY / ONE

    Écharpe de pêcheur


  • Gloverall Fisherman Beanie Hat MS5112 / NAVY / ONE

    Bonnet de pĂŞcheur


  • Gloverall Leather Gloves with Cashmere Lining A1014 / LIGHT BROWN / XS

    Gants en cuir avec doublure en cachemire


Men's Collection

Whatever your sense of style, our duffel coats for men will compliment your day to day life and keep you warm. With a sleek, classic design these mens duffel coats will last season after season. Pair your new mens duffle coat with an Aran or wool jumper, and even the coldest of winter nights will be kept at bay.  

We cater for quality and longevity, with a focus on detail that is hard to beat. Invest today in a new duffle coat for men, a comfortable sweater, a well-made t-shirt, or any of our great accessories. Don’t let the cold get you down. Instead, embrace the season in total comfort. Quality goes a long way towards performance, and when you want to invest in mens duffle coats, then there is no better place to look. Enjoy superior English craftsmanship and wrap up in quality material like 100% Italian wool.

With a modest price point, anyone can enjoy the warmth and style of our mens car coats and duffle coats alike. We have over 70 years of experience, and produce our garments with an eye for detail. Get one of our mens duffle coats UK designed and made, and you will have a great coat that will last you years. 

Invest in quality and enjoy superior performance, comfort, and design. Whatever your need, we have a coat that will not just suit you, but help you stay warm in the coldest of winters and continue to look sharp for work and play.